Open Banking

The Axerve S.p.A. company has its registered offices in Biella. It mainly works in the electronic payment system sector and specialises in e-commerce, management of points of sale terminalsand fidelity card-related solutions. In addition, it provides a solution to manage SMS text transmission through its mobile platform. These texts can be related to different business transactions such as:credit card use notice, banking info, info marketing campaigns concerning the Fidelity service.

developing and managing the Gestpay platform - to collect money by credit card - as well as other e-commerce transaction instruments (PayPal); we have always been applying the utmost attention to Customers' needs and service levels; besides this, we keep on monitoring market evolution and new business solutions

Points of Sale
Renting, installing and maintaining points of sale, as well as developing new services capable of being provided using them.

The company presents itself as a technical facility providing business solutions to manage Fidelity credit card-related projects through Points of sale terminals

SMS texts
Managing and implementing the SMS text transmission platform, with a focus on new business solutions

Chairman: Ernesto Rizzetti

Deputy Chairman: Mario Bonzano

General Manager and CEO: Enrico Susta

Directors: Marco Casartelli, Luca Ferrarese, Paolo Zaccardi

Chairman: Federica Casalvolone

Statutory Auditors: Edmondo Maria Granata, Vincenzo Rizzo

Deputy Auditors: Michela Fila Nova, Maria Pia Rosso

  • Via Italia, 2 - 13900 Biella
  • Phone.: +39 015.2526511
  • Fax: +39 015.2433078
  • email:
  • Info line: 800.10.20.10

SellaLab was created in 2013 as an idea accelerator and works together with incubators, businesspeople, investors, public institutions and universities. Moreover, it is a co-working space where startups and professionals from the digital world can opt for working, developing, discussing and cross-examining their ideas. The space is located in Biella on the Cervo brook bank and within a very special frame. Indeed, it is accommodated in the premises of the historic Maurizio Sella Woolen mill, a woolen district dating back to the 19th century.

Sella Open Fintech Project

The Sella Open Fintech Project is a strategic initiative promoted by Sella for spurring innovation in the financial industry leveraging constructive collaboration among all the players in the Italian ecosystem. At Sella, in fact, we believe that in order to build the future of the financial services all stakeholders should be involved: Banks, Fintechs, Corporate, Investors, Tech firms, Public institutions, university, Professional firms, etc...

The project envisages implementing this vision by setting up an open platform, built by and for the ecosystem's stakeholders, encouraging and simplifying both the dialogue between partners and access to their services enabling new growth models and improving financial inclusion for persons and corporations.


Hype is the digital banking and payment solution developed by Banca Sella dedicated to consumers, with a specific attention to tech-addicts and even non-banked subjects.
Hype has the object to impose itself as a new way to propose bank and payment services, simplifying everyday money administration via smartphone.
This innovation inspires communication strategies, product development and client-company relationship management.

After the launch as the main sponsor of Milan Social Media Week in february 2015, HYPE, first challenger bank in the Italian landscape, has concurred in the growth of a market that gets more and more promising and in the definition of design, communication and technology standards now adopted by Italian and foreign competitors.

The great interest of Italian customers has made HYPE one of the most known and utilised digital services, especially by people who search for a simple, innovative and smart instrument to handle comfortably expenses, purchases and savings directly on smartphones.
But it's not enough! Thanks to the payment card linked to an account of e-money and to the enabling of Apple Pay payments, HYPE is now the first choice for people in search for a convenient and flexible paying instrument.

HYPE can be signed from age 12 upwards and can be requested directly online; in case of minors, they need parents' or legal guardian's permission.