Wealth Management
Wealth Management
Sella SGR

Sella SGR is the Asset Management Company of Banca Sella Group, and has been operating since 1983. It was one of the first Italian Management Companies that provided savers and depositors with a ground-breaking financial instrument, namely the investment fund.

Currently, the company offers a broad product range including Mutual Funds, Luxembourg Sicav, Pension Fund and Asset Under Advisory.

Sella SGR works with an active management style that purports to revaluate the Customers' assets in a balanced and rational way rather than to speculate.

By permanently monitoring risk quality results can be achieved that last over time, while respecting the best transparency, prudence, Customer- and control-centred culture values that pertain to the Sella group.

Chairman: Giovanni Petrella

Deputy Chairman: Franco Sella

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Alessandro Marchesin

Directors: Mario Deaglio, Silva Maria Lepore, Daniela Vandone, Davide Vannoni

Chairman: Carlo Ticozzi Valerio

Statutory Auditors: Mariella Giunta, Vincenzo Rizzo

Deputy Auditors: Daniele Frè, Maria Pia Rosso

Via Filippo Sassetti, 32 - 20124 Milano

Phone.: 02.6714161

Fax: 02.66980715

email: info@sellasgr.it


Info line: 800.10.20.10