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Wealth Management
Sella Fiduciaria

Sella Fiduciaria S.p.A. is part of "Sella group". It was founded in 1975 in Biella.

Its headquarters and offices are located in the historical "Palazzo Bricherasio" with the mission of execute the so-called "static" trustee services (according to the Italian law No. 1966/39).

Assets awarded by the grantor are registered in the Company's name, nevertheless they remain exclusive property of the Customer. Therefore, Sella Fiduciaria works in its name but on behalf of its Customers and in their interest. The assets placed in trust are managed without opening any named accounts at the custodian banking institutions, so that top confidentiality is ensured.

Sella Fiduciaria services include a wide range of tailor-made solutions based on the need of the Customer to protect its identity while preserving the full availability of assets with the opportunity to be assisted by highly qualified professionals.

The most important services carried out by Sella Fiduciaria S.p.A are:

  • custodian capacity services of savings deposits, together with insurance policies and asset management not only in Italy but also abroad;

  • withholding agent for bank deposits of any types held offshore;

  • management and control of capital protection and intergenerational transfers with particular attention to the role of trustor and trustee;

  • account aggregation of asset under mandate, wherever deposited;

  • establishment of pledges and warranty in favour of creditors fiduciary;

  • fiduciary custody of shares, obligations and shares capital with the consequent holding action;

  • stock option attribution;

  • escrow agent

Chairman: Caterina Sella

Deputy Chairman: Giorgio Manca

Managing Director and CEO: Stefano Piantelli

Directors: Paolo Claretta Assandri, Maurizio Giorgi, Piergiorgio Re

Chairman: Pier Vincenzo Pellegrino

Statutory Auditors: Riccardo Foglia Taverna, Emilio Martinotti

Deputy Auditors: Daniele Frè, Vincenzo Rizzo

Via Lagrange, 20 - 10123 Torino



email: sellafiduciaria@sella.it