Fabrick is the ecosystem created to bring innovation to the financial sector. It follows the growth of banks, financial institutions, fintechs and corporate with a view to cooperation and co-creation, thus promoting the integration of new data-driven business models. Through platform solutions and the ecosystem developed by Fintech District and Sellalab, it fosters Open Finance internationally. Fabrick combines strategic advice and technological expertise with a comprehensive offer, including the activities of an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Order Service Provider (PISP), available to customers on an "as a service" base.

Pietro Sella
Deputy Chairman
Massimo Condinanzi
Managing Director, General Manager and CEO
Paolo Zaccardi
Sandra Alzetta, Marco Casartelli, Barbara Casu, Francesco Plini, Ernesto Rizzetti, Fabio Troiani, Valerio Zoino
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