Wealth Management
Wealth Management
Banca Patrimoni

Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. is the Sella group's bank specialising in private & government customers management.

Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. specialises in valorising the customers' assets and offers a full range of excellence-grade products and services (both from the Group and third parties) by availing itself of valuable professionals such as employed private bankers and highly professional 'free-lance' financial advisers.

Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. presents itself to customers with individual and customised asset management lines. These build upon asset allocation strategies and template portfolios focusing on selected securities and products (even offered by third parties), advisory services about open-end investment companies being incorporated under Luxembourgish laws, as well as services for administered assets (multiple brand) and extra-financial services.

Chairman: Maurizio Sella

Deputy  Chairmen: Massimo Coppa, Mario Deaglio

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Federico Sella

Directors: Eugenio Brianti, Veronica Buzzi, Giovanni Coppa, Carlo Giausa, Silva Maria Lepore, Priscilla Pettiti, Sebastiano Sella, Attilio Viola

Honorary  Chairman: Giovanni Coppa

Chairman: Emanuele Menotti Chieli

Statutory Auditors: Vincenzo Pellegrino, Paolo Vernero

Deputy Auditors: Marina Mottura, Giovanni Rayneri

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Federico Sella

Deputy CEO: Renzo Tondella

Palazzo Bricherasio, Via Lagrange, 20 - 10123 TORINO
Phone.: +39
Fax: +39
email: info@bancapatrimoni.it
PEC (Certified email): segreteria@pec.bancapatrimoni.it