Sella Personal Credit

The Sella Personal Credit S.p.A., established as Consel in 1999 and thus renamed on October 1st 2018, belongs to the Sella banking group and is 51% owned by Banca Sella and 49% Banca Sella Holding SpA. Its Mission is to support the projects of its customers through the provision of credit thus creating and establishing relationships based on trust, transparency and fairness.

Sella Personal Credit S.p.A also provides credit through the most innovative forms of payment, diversifying its activities so that to offer its customers and business partners secure and reliable financing solutions, able to meet different and constantly evolving needs. Its purpose is also to provide financing through a complete range of offers such as personal and finalized loans, international payment Schemes and private label credit cards, installment lines and salary-backed loans.

Stefano Cosma
Deputy Chairman
Attilio Viola
Managing Director, General Manager and CEO
Giorgio Orioli
Emanuele Bajo, Viviana Barbera, Simonetta Cotterli, Massimo De Donno
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