Banca Sella

Banca Sella S.p.A. Banca Sella S.p.A. was established in Biella in 1886 as Gaudenzio Sella & C.
The bank has grown over time by expanding first at local level and then regionally and nationally.

Today Banca Sella S.p.A. being the commercial bank of the Group, has a national presence of almost 300 branches and it is widely recognized for excelling in activities such as private banking, payment systems, e-commerce and digital solutions.

The long tradition of Banca Sella is founded on the ability of a constant self renewal and innovation so that to provide customers with a better service and to propose innovative and quality solutions.

Maurizio Sella
Deputy Chairmen
Sebastiano Sella, Attilio Viola
Honorary Deputy Chairman*
Franco Sella
Managing Director, General Manager and CEO
Massimo Angelo Vigo
Viviana Barbera, Mascia Bedendo, Michela Del Piero, Eva D'Onofrio, Elisabetta Galati, Helga Garuzzo, Andrea Lanciani, Pietro Sella, Paolo Tosolini
Appointments of the members of the Board of Directors were made in compliance with the requirements and eligibility criteria envisaged by law and the Articles of Association.
Controls provided for by legal and regulatory provisions and further structural and procedural measures adopted by the bank allow for the management of potential conflict of interest situations to safeguard the judgement independence of each representative in the interest of the sound and prudent management of the bank.
*The Honorary Deputy Chairman is not a member of the Board of Directors
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