Our Identity

We are an open company building the sustainable financial ecosystem of the future.

We are the largest private and independent banking group in Italy. Our activities include commercial and retail banking, private and wealth management services, corporate and investment banking, payment systems, open finance and information technology services.

We promote an open innovation ecosystem to contribute to sustainable development and we support entrepreneurship through the Sellalab platform for startups and enterprises. We founded the largest Italian community dedicated to fintech, the Fintech District in Milan, and we launched the first open banking platform in our country. We have about 300 branches, 5000 employees and we are present in seven countries (Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland, UAE, Romania and India).

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Sella Group
Sella Group
Banca Sella Holding S.p.A.

Banca Sella Holding concentrates a wide variety of functions in a single entity. In its capacity of Parent Company of the Sella Group it carries out the activities of management, coordination and control, identifying the strategic guidelines for the development of the Group. These activities, according to the rules and regulations of the sector and to those set out by company laws, provide for the functioning of the banking Group by a "sound and prudent management" and for a strategic control on the development of the different areas of activity in which the Group operates and on the risks related to the activities carried out.

Banca Sella Holding also carries out activities of the financial sector (proprietary trading, management of centralised treasury activities, of own securities portfolio and corporate finance activities).

Other centralised activities carried out in the interest of the Group are the trading of financial instruments, access to financial markets and local transfer agent services.

Chairman: Maurizio Sella 

Deputy Chairmen: Giacomo Sella, Sebastiano Sella 

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Pietro Sella 

Directors: Mario Bonzano, Franco Cavalieri, Massimo Condinanzi, Jean Paul Fitoussi, Giovanna Nicodano, Giovanni Petrella, Ernesto Rizzetti, Caterina Sella

Chairman: Giovanni Petrella

Member: Mario Bonzano


Chairman: Mario Bonzano

Member: Jean Paul Fitoussi


Chairman: Mario Bonzano

Member: Maurizio Sella

Member: Giovanni Petrella

Chairman: Pierluigi Benigno

Statutory Auditors: Gianluca Cinti, Daniele Frè

Deputy Auditors: Riccardo Foglia Taverna, Pierangelo Ogliaro

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Pietro Sella

Joint General Manager and Deputy CEO: Attilio Viola

Piazza Gaudenzio Sella, 1 - 13900 Biella
Phone.: +39 015.35011
Fax: +39 015.351767
email: info@gruppobancasella.it
PEC (Certified email): bsh_segreteria@pec.sella.it