The Sella Group is guided by the awareness that economic results cannot be considered separately from the positive impact on the environment and the community. For this reason, the Sella Group has always been particularly focused on sustainability. The Group has committed to constantly improving its beneficial weight on the environment, the society and all its stakeholders through a sustainable and regenerative economy. Sella supports the community and customers to foster and sustain their choices consistent with attainable development, actively contributing to the diffusion of technologies and open innovation for straightforward and more widespread access to digital technologies.

Growing up with a positive impact is the main road we want to continue following. 2020 proved we can no longer do without sustainable growth. To be successful, companies must create value for the society in which they operate and they can only do so if they change and adapt to general changes in the world. After all, setting sustainable goals by a company is not only something "good" to do, but it has become a real economic constraint

The Chairman
Maurizio Sella
The Person
Love for our Customers has always been a central value. It is at the heart of our way of working and a pillar of our organizational model.
Ethics, to us, is doing our job well. It represents the guiding and founding element of our every decision in the Customer's interest.
Trust is our job and the prerequisite for our success and that of our customers.
Innovation is the leading competitive factor characterizing our long entrepreneurial history. It means constantly improving and being first movers.
Initiative and the courage to go further are what unite our people, generating the energy to move us towards the future.
An open mind and an open company are the conditions to contribute to economic development, interacting without barriers with the surrounding ecosystem.
The Ethics Committee

The ethical principles underlying our actions

The Sella group has set up an Ethics Committee since 2003. Tasks of the Committee are defining, modifying, updating and disseminating the Group applicable ethical principles, checking compliance with them and monitoring their perception inside and outside the Group.

The Committee defines the Corporate Social Responsibility policies towards the various stakeholders, expressing opinions on the appropriateness of financing specific sectors or liberal donations, setting up ethical behaviour guidelines concerning the overall products and services of the Group.

Composed by internal members of the Group, the Sella group Ethics Committee is, therefore, a sound operational mechanism functional to business activities since, in addition, these must be commercially characterized by respect for ethics and responsible behaviour.

Sella writes off the impact of CO2 emissions

The Group is among the first in Italy to achieve carbon neutrality

The Sella group
and Sustainability

The Sella Group, whose particular focus on sustainability is in its DNA, is committed to constantly improving its beneficial weight on the different stakeholders.

Non-Financial Statement

The Non-Financial Statement is the document reporting the activities carried out by the Sella group when it comes to Sustainability.

2023 Initiatives

2023 saw multiple Group initiatives in the field of sustainability. Please read the in-depth information to discover some of the most significant.

Green Bond Framework

The Group strongly believes in the central role of sustainable finance as a means to support the transition towards a lower environmental impact economy and has therefore resolved to adopt a Green Bond Framework.

The 2030 Agenda

The UN Agenda 2030, signed in 2015 by over 190 countries, including Italy, has identified the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.