The sustainable financial ecosystem of the future,
at the service of your success

We are an open company that sees innovation as the solution to future challenges.

Human smart bank

We support, step by step, families and entrepreneurs in realizing their aspirations, responding to all their financial needs

Challenger bank

We offer the best banking and payment experience, in an app

Asset management

We manage, enhance and protect our clients' assets over time, building valuable relationships and prospects.

Open Finance

We enable new interactions between banks, fintechs and enterprises by co-creating new business models and plug-and-play solutions

Innovation Ecosystem

We facilitate collaboration and contamination between startups, corporations, banks, institutional players and fintechs

Investment Banking

We offer Investment Banking products and Advisory services to small, mid, family businesses. We are leaders in proprietary trading on domestic markets, in liquidity provisioning, in Venture Capital investment.

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