Commercial banking
Commercial banking

Smartika is the Group's peer to peer lending company, specialised in lending to individuals. It was launched in Italy in 2012 with the aim of offering people the opportunity to operate in the social lending market; being an operator regulated and supervised by Banca d'Italia it guarantees safety and reliability to lenders and borrowers.

The mission of Smartika is to make social lending a valid alternative to traditional financial systems and promoting it as much as possible.

Chairman: Stefano Cosma

Deputy Chairman: Giorgio Orioli

Managing Director, General Manager and CEO: Andrea Bordigone

Directors: Giada Bono, Antonio Fortuna

Chairman: Claudio Sottoriva

Statutory Auditors: Giovanni Guicciardi Crostarosa, Daniele Frè

Deputy Auditors: Mauro Arachelian, Daniele Beretta

via Filippo Sassetti 32, 20124 MIlano
Tel.: 800.911602 (da telefono fisso)
Tel.: 02.89919553 (da telefono mobile)