Fulfill people's ambitions, building the sustainable financial ecosystem of the future

Human smart bank
We support families and entrepreneurs in fulfilling their ambitions step by step, satisfying all financial needs with the best advisory service and tecnology
Asset management
We manage, enhance and protect our clients' assets over time, building valuable relationships and prospects
Challenger bank
Italy's largest neobank by number of customers, benchmark in money management via app
Open Finance
We enable the evolution of financial services by creating collaboration between banks, corporates and fintech and orchestrating their respective data and services on our Open Platform
We enable the growth of startups and enterprises with innovative solutions and we support founders and investors generating new value through the Innovation Ecosystem
Investment Banking
We offer advisory and Investment Banking products to support strategic projects of SMEs, mid-caps and institutional investors. We are leaders in proprietary trading on domestic markets, in liquidity provisioning, in Venture Capital investment

Web3 Finance Accelerator

Apply with your startup to Sella's international acceleration program on the world of web3 applied to finance. The initiative is aimed at startups operating in the web3 with: a defined core team, a prototype ready for market launch within 6-10 months and a Technology Readiness Level greater than or equal to 6.


Sustainable development
for the environment and the community

Our commitment has always been towards responsible choices, capable of generating value for our community and the world.

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