Economic results cannot be split from the positive impact on the environment and the community. For this reason, Sella Group has always paid attention to the issue of sustainability. The Group is committed to constantly increase its positive contribution to the environment, society and to all the stakeholders, promoting a sustainable and regenerative economy. Sella is on the customers side to support and assist them in making consistent choices aligned with sustainable development, actively contributing to the spread of technologies and the open innovation to guarantee an easier access to digital technologies.

Ethics Committee

The ethical principles at the core of our actions

Sella Group has established an Ethics Committee since 2003: the Committee's tasks are to define, amend, update and disseminate the ethical principles in force within the Group; to monitor compliance with them and to supervise their perception outside and within the Group.

The Committee defines Corporate Social Responsibility policies in relation to the various stakeholders, expressing opinions on the advisability of financing specific sectors or on charitable donations, and formulating guidelines for ethical conduct that concern all the Group's products and services.

Made up of members from within the Group, the Ethics Committee of the Sella Group is therefore a real operational mechanism, functional to business activities, since they must be commercially characterised also by respect for ethics and responsible behaviour.

Non Financial Statement

The Non-Financial Statement is the document that collects the activities carried out by Sella Group in the field of Sustainability.

The Non-Financial Statement was the most appreciated by consumers in the ConsumerLab's Index Future Respect 2020. The companies part of the Index are those that, through their non-financial reporting, have illustrated their sustainable governance in a comprehensible and comprehensive manner, facilitating informed choices by consumers and for having highlighted the best practices useful for the promotion of the culture of sustainability, with an effective, engaging and distinctive narrative.