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Finance and Markets (Sella Financial Markets)


We contribute to the growth and competitiveness of our country by constantly providing liquidity to the financial markets to promote their efficiency, carefully and prudently managing the bank's liquidity, investing in the innovation ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurship.

Sella Financial Markets

We carry out trading on own account in domestic and international financial markets, guaranteeing shareholders a substantial return on risk capital. We contribute to the growth of our country by constantly providing liquidity to the financial markets to promote their efficiency.

ALM and Treasury

We carefully and prudently manage the liquidity of the Bank and the Group, aware that maintaining a large liquidity reserve is the indispensable prerequisite for a solid and profitable Group.

Sella Direct Venture

We look for the ideas and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, to support them in the initial phase of their journey and to promote the diffusion of technology.

Sella Corporate & Investment Banking

We provide companies and entrepreneurs with strategic support in implementing successful transformations and in achieving sustainable growth for their businesses, in an era of technological disruption and globalization.




Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

We offer advisory services in transactions such as acquisitions or disposals of companies, business units and brands, mergers, spin-offs, joint-ventures and strategic partnerships.

Growth Capital

We assist private companies in capital raising from Private Equity houses, through stock exchange listings (IPO) and club deal transactions.

Private Debt (minibond)

We assist SMEs in the issuance of minibonds and Private Debt instruments aimed at supporting their business growth.

Family Business Succession

We provide assistance to family businesses in structuring and implementing family succession agreements.

Venture Capital - CIB Tech

We assist start-ups and early-stage companies in capital raisings through VC funds, club deals and/or crowdfunding platforms, relying on the expertise and network of Sella Group in the Technology and Fintech sectors.

Leveraged and Acquisition Finance

We support companies and sponsors in strategic finance transactions.

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